Marrying Biblical & Cultural Relevance

First Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm

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Latest Sessions

Vulnerability and Hard Conversations


  |  10/8/2020


The Story of the Bible


  |  9/9/2020


Faith and Politics


  |  8/12/2020


Intro to Creating Space


  |  7/22/2020


About Creating Space

What is it?

Creating Space is Mosaic’s intentional strategy of marrying Biblical relevance and Cultural relevance. It is a “created space” to sit together regarding some complicated subjects, then equip one another to be the kind of people who “create space” in conversational ways within the cultural spheres where we live, work, and play.

Why are we doing it?

Paul charges the church to “equip the saints for the work of ministry”. While much of this happens through Disciple Making Communities and worship gatherings, often times people feel left without the margin to ponder and inquire about the culturally relevant needs of the moment. Creating Space will act as monthly opportunity to engage these hard topics, while equipping us to be the kind of people that create our own conversational space with the world.

How will we do this?

The format for Creating Space will be a 2-hour time slot that includes connection, teaching, and a Q&A panel. Until we are able to meet live, we will host a live forum where people can interact online.