Serve Global Workers

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Looking for a way to serve those who are bringing the Gospel to unreached areas across the world?

Here are top 10 tangible ways you can serve Fellowship's Global workers all over:

1. Help pick up and drop off Global workers at the airport. 

2. Join the team that helps clean a Village unit (on the Fellowship Rogers campus) when Global workers have to fly out early in the mornings.

3. Donating furniture, cookware and other items to the Village for Global workers to use on home assignments.

4. Volunteer to bring a meal to Global workers when they arrive in the US.

5. Babysitting Global workers' kids when they need to go to partnership meetings. 

6. Tutoring Global workers' kids while they are state side (or through video call while they are abroad). 

7. Lead your community group to buy gift cards to welcome them home to the US. 

8. Join the Village team! Use your hospitality skills to decorate and improve the Village.

9. Your community group choose a Global worker to adopt and pray for them each week and welcome them home with a personal touch each time they are back in the US. 

10. Sign up (and read) their newsletters -- reach out to Jason McMahan for more information.