Precept Study: 2 Thessalonians

Fellowship Bentonville | West Elementary Theater

Fellowship Bentonville

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Day/time: Wednesdays | June 7 – August 2  | 9:30 - 11:30am

Cost: $10 for Precept 2 Thessalonians workbook
Location: West Elementary Theater
So You Won’t Be Deceived About His Coming

Don’t be confused about “the Day of the Lord.” The Thessalonians were interested in the end times, just as we are today. But they were confused until they received this letter from Paul. Include this book in your study of prophecy to fully understand what God says about the last days. We will spend two weeks on each chapter of this study. During the first week we will cover days 1-3, and during the second week we will cover days 4-5 and watch the video.