Women's Study: Reasons to Celebrate

Duration: Wednesays | September 9 - November 16 | 6:30-8pm
Cost: $14
Location: Mary Ann Echols's Home
Description of Study: The Psalms were written by real people who experienced all kinds of powerful feelings. They struggled with resentments, failure, fear, confusion, despair, anger, hurt, disappointment, and even danger. However, they took all these feelings to God. God was the One that gave them new hope and lasting reasons to celebrate even amid discouragements of life. Through these beautiful songs and poems of antiquity, we will discover that the reasons God gives us to celebrate are often discovered and embraced most deeply in times of hardship. Each week, we will discover reasons to rejoice that stand the test of time, stand the test of present circumstances, and provide present help, future hope, and fulfill the human heart at its place of deepest need.

Additional Information: "Reasons to Celebrate" consists of 11 topical lessons and excerpts are taken primarily from the book of Psalms.
The Chapter Titles are:
1. We Are Never Alone
2. The Certainty of God's Word
3. Fully Known and Fully Loved: Sure Foundations for Self Worth
4. Fully Known and Fully Loved: The Freedom of Forgiveness
5. The Lord OurShepherd: The Rest and Restoration We Need
6. The Lord Our Shepherd: The Trustworthy Guidance We Need
7. The Lord Our Shepherd: The Protection We Need
8. The Lord Our Shepherd: The Hope We Need
9. Honesty With God in Times of Suffering
10. Seeing God as He Really Is
11. Celebrate the Lord!

Fellowship Rogers Campus

Sarah Ernst
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Next Date / Time
  • Wednesday, September 23, 2020 @ 6:30 PM