Antioch 2020

Antioch is a leadership program for high school students designed to increase their knowledge of God, build their skills for Christ-like living, and grow their passion for experiencing the joys and promises of God's kingdom. We believe these things will help to cast our student's vision on the true Jesus. This year, we will focus heavily on remaining in God through four weeks of emphasis on spiritual formation (knowledge), true discipleship (skill), and Kingdom-mindedness (passion).

Note: We are discussing what a virtual/online Antioch could look like and will stay within the CDC guidelines and restrictions. We will communicate with you if there are any changes that need to be made! The last week could be a retreat. Please note that there will be a payment of $50 due during the week of Antioch if we are able to have the retreat.

Fellowship Mosaic Campus

Bethany Donoghue
[email protected]
(479) 659-7004

The Lodge @ Fellowship NWA

Date / Time

Registration closed on Wednesday, June 3, 2020