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AUGUST 12, 2020

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As the number of hospitalizations for COVID-19 are declining in Northwest Arkansas, this is a time for us to pray for further decline and eradication of this disease. However, as one person shared with me this week, we are going to have to learn to live with COVID-19 for a while. Both are true… God is able to intervene, but until He does, we need to take every precautionary measure to keep our brothers and sisters safe. In the meantime, let’s make space for “Joy.” 2020 has beat us up! I met with a couple of good brothers on Tuesday morning of this week and we talked about the need for “joy” in our lives.

There are “joy thieves” all around us and they tend to crush our spirits and rob us of what God intended. Some of them are on television and some are people who cross your path regularly. When it comes to “joy thieves,” either avoid them or confront them, but don’t let them steal your joy! As we studied in Acts 5, the apostles were flogged before being released, but as John Calvin stated, “when they considered the cause, joy got the upper hand.”

Chuck Swindoll penned his thoughts regarding joy many years ago. I've included the article below. I hope you might grab one or two ideas that prove useful for you today, or better yet, come up with a list of your own. Have a blessed, and joyful, day.

Seven Ways to Cultivate Joy

Insight for Living by Chuck Swindoll

Want more joy in your day? Cultivate it! Joy springs from viewing the day's events from eternity's perspective. With this intentional focus, you're sure to see today differently - with more joy and conviction that God is at work in your life.

1. Rehearse with God the reasons you trust Him. Tell Him which of His attributes is your favorite right now. Read the praises of Scripture back to Him — begin with Psalm 103. Join with another believer in prayers of thanksgiving, and delight yourself in His character.

2. Keep a "joy journal." Record the reasons you have to rejoice and the reminders of God's faithfulness that you encounter in your everyday life. In addition, why not press a leaf from your prayer walks into its pages or include a photo of a person that brings you joy each time you remember him or her? Think big — expand your journal into a "joy box" or a "joy drawer" that brings floods of joy each time you open it.

3. Surround yourself with joyful people. Joy is contagious — so build relationships with friends whose lives exhibit their confidence in God. Pray for each other that your joy in Christ would continue to increase.

4. Approach life's challenges and trials redemptively. God doesn't waste the difficult circumstances of your life but uses them to develop His character in you. Review Romans 5 and James 1 for help in processing pressure productively. Joy will sneak up on you when you view your hardest lessons as gifts from God.

5. Make praise and gratitude a habit. Has God met a need? Praise Him! Have your challenges given you greater opportunities to see Him work? Thank Him! Joy flows from a grateful and responsive heart. Before you turn in at night, write down three to five blessings in your "joy journal." Make it a habit, and watch your joyful attitude grow.

6. Fill your mind with music. Listen to, sing, and meditate on music that draws your heart nearer to God and His Word.

7. Take the long view. Investors advise their clients not to worry about the daily ups and downs of the stock market — what matters is the long view. Does life present incredible challenges today? Are your reserves at a low, or are you enjoying a content plateau? Regardless of today's events, take the long view. Remember that God remains in charge of your days and will faithfully develop His character in you.

Remember, joy springs from viewing the day's events from eternity's perspective. Trust that God controls your life's details (Romans 8:28), that He hears your every request (Psalm 116:1), and that His joy will be your strength (Nehemiah 8:10).

Adapted from "Seven Ways to Cultivate Joy," Insights (March 2001): 2. Copyright © 2001 by Insight for Living. All rights reserved worldwide.


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