The Christmas Miracle

December 4, 2020

Matthew 1:21 NIV

"She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”

Today's Reading: Matthew 1:18-21 NIV

The “miracles” of Christmas are all around us during this time: there are movies about miracles, people will say that “something this wonderful could only have happened around Christmas,” still others believe that things will be good or better at Christmas. For followers of Jesus, however, the true miracle of Christmas is richer than that. We are inspired by the reminder of hope, peace, joy, and love. As we go through the Advent season, we take the opportunity to look back and look forward.

We know the story from Matthew 1:18-21 well. We know the context, the events… but do we take in all the miracles in these few verses?

1. A person of the Holy Trinity – God – is about to become flesh and come to earth in the form of a baby.

2. A child is conceived by the Holy Spirit. 

3. An Angel of the Lord visits Joseph, the man pledged to be married to the now pregnant Mary, to announce the truth, and..

4. by faith, he believes!

Women, imagine if you were Mary. Men, imagine if you were Joseph. These two young people faced a crisis of belief and suffering individually and collectively, yet they faithfully believed amid doubt. God saw fit to choose these two young, poor Jewish people to raise “the Christ.” We will all face suffering and crises of belief, but when we realize God is with us, how much He loves us, that we can trust Him, that He has an incredible plan for our lives… that is our miracle.

May your Christmas miracle be a deep connection with the King of kings; use it as an opportunity to be a blessing to others.