Trust Independent of the Circumstance

December 11, 2022

Luke 1:18 NIV

Zechariah asked the angel, “How can I be sure of this? I am an old man and my wife is well along in years.”

Today's Reading: Luke 1:18-20

Devo Author: Caleb Freeman

Date:  December 11, 2022

Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth were faithful to God, upstanding in their character, and righteous in their actions. Elizabeth was barren and both were old in age. Still, their hearts ached for a child. One day, Zechariah, being a priest, entered the temple to burn incense and was met by an unexpected visitor. An angel of the Lord was there and spoke to Zechariah, “...Do not be afraid, Zechariah; your prayer has been heard. Your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you are to call him John. He will be a joy and delight to you, and many will rejoice because of his birth” (13b-14). Although Zechariah received great news, he responded in disbelief. Zechariah spoke to the angel saying, “How shall I know this?” (18 ESV).

I can still feel the anxiety I felt the night before it started. I had made the 9th grade basketball team, and as excited as I was, I knew what was coming. Practices for all freshmen were at 6:00am, prior to school starting. As a young boy, this seemed so daunting. The idea of waking up early enough to be at the gym and ready for practice at 6:00am was overwhelming. It seemed impossible. I vividly remember the conversation I had with my mother. I was explaining to her what time I needed to be at the gym, which dictated what time she needed to drive me in, which influenced the time I needed to wake up and begin getting ready. All of it felt like so much to me. I continued to ask my mother over and over if she would be able to wake up early enough. If she would be able to remember what time we needed to leave. I actually was doing more than asking, I was pestering because I was doubting her.

She had served me and helped me countless times. But in this moment, because the stakes seemed so high to me, it was difficult to trust my mother. Yet, now I look back and see that I was doubting her to do something she was completely capable of doing. I was the one changing my routine, not her. Waking up was hard for me as a child, not her as a parent. My circumstances informed my trust in my mother, not her character.

Zechariah found himself in a similar situation but at a much more intense level. He had always trusted the Lord, he knew His goodness and believed His character. Though when Zechariah heard the news that he would be a father, he found himself doubting. He was unable to trust the goodness of God because the circumstances seemed so impossible and the stakes seemed so high. For God, this was simple. It is the creator of the universe, God, making Zechariah a father, something He is completely capable of doing. The circumstance blinded Zechariah to the character and capability of God.

I believe trust is a muscle. It is something we can strengthen and grow. God calls us to trust Him independent of our circumstances. He does this not because He is mean and wants to test us, but because He is capable of overcoming any circumstance. What seems impossible to us is possible for Him. Although, I believe it might take a lifetime to fully learn that, it doesn’t hurt to start today. In what area of your life is the Lord calling you to trust Him? What area of your life is requiring you to flex your trust muscle, that it might be strengthened?