Discussion Guide


God's Heart for the Nations

How do you express anger? Do you raise your voice or go silent? Do you get angry quickly and relent quickly, or is it a slower process? How has the way you handle anger changed as you have gotten older?

Read Jonah 4:1-11 aloud.

Is verse 1 surprising to you? It seems like Jonah's message has been effective, yet he is upset with the results. How does Jonah 4:2-3 help us understand the events of Jonah 1 better? What is motivating Jonah throughout this book? 

Is Jonah's statement about God in 4:2 accurate? Why does God's patience and steadfast love (compassion) anger Jonah?

God appoints (or provides) three things for Jonah in 4:6-8. Underline the word appointed (or provided) each time is appears and circle what was appointed/provided. What is each of these items meant to teach Jonah?

What do you make of the exchange between God and Jonah in 4:9-11? What does God want Jonah to learn? What is the author trying to teach his original readers in ancient Israel? Why do you think he ends the book with a question?

What does the book of Jonah teach us about obedience to God? What does it teach us about repentance? What does this book teach us about God's heart for the nations?

How has the study of Jonah impacted you personally? What do you (or your group) need to do in response to what the Lord has shown you in this study?