Fundraising Opportunity

March 17, 2023 to March 25, 2023
Middle East
During this trip to the Middle East, students will partner with a team of global workers who serve the local body via evangelism and outreach, specifically working with refugees who hold a Muslim worldview. This partnership will include doing the work of evangelism alongside said team in cross-cultural settings while learning about Middle Eastern customs and practices. Students will also learn how to engage in God's work of reaching the nations by using the skills, gifts, and resources he has given us.

Who are we partnering with? A Northwest Arkansas couple and their team who have served in the Middle East for +13 years doing the work of evangelism and outreach with refugees who hold to a Muslim Worldview.

What will we be doing? We will be exposed to cultures different from our own - getting to see first hand the work God is doing among the nations! Half of our days will be spent going out in teams to meet the needs of and share the Gospel with refugee families. The other half will be learning what it looks like to use the gifts and resources God has given us to minister to the needs of others from various demographics and cultures. Along the way we will learn the ins and outs of Middle Eastern customs and Biblical history!