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Jesus Appeared to Saul

Have you ever had a moment where you realized that what you were certain was right was, in fact, wrong? Have you ever had to radically change your opinion on something based on new information? Share with the group.

Read Acts 9:1-22 aloud.

What do you know about Saul already? (Review Acts 7:58 and Acts 8:3). Why was Paul so zealous in his persecution of Christians?

Why was Saul traveling to Damascus?

Describe the encounter Saul has with Jesus. How is this encounter different than the other post-resurrection appearances we have studied over the past few weeks?

Why does Jesus say Saul is persecuting Him rather than saying Paul is persecuting the church? How does this encounter affect Saul?

What did Ananias feel when God gave him the instructions in verses 10-15? Why do you think Ananias obeyed the Lord despite his fears? Have you ever felt called by God to do something you were frightened to do? Share with the group.

How do verses 17-22 relate to the great commission we studied two weeks ago (Matthew 28:16-20)? How do you think Paul proved to the Jews in Damascus that Jesus was the Christ (verse 22)?

How did the Lord first get your attention? Share with the group what your experience of coming to know the Lord was like. If you don’t have a story like that, what is holding you back from your own “road to Damascus” moment?