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Our mission is to produce ministry leaders through an intensive one-year residency program that focuses on developing ministry skills, knowledge, character, and passion.

Real Life Ministry Experience

Each resident has real ministry responsibilities. This is not a "shadowing" program where the participants observe our staff at work, nor is it an "assistantship" where the participants do the menial tasks of the ministry. Residents carry out essential ministry responsibilities as a part of the ongoing ministry at Fellowship.
Residents will take classes that equip them for life and ministry. Topics change quarterly and include classes such as Survey of Theology, Biblical Finances, Life’s Healing Choices, and Practical Ministry.
Every resident will be paired with a mentor suited to their walk-of-life and ministry. Mentors will meet with their residents regularly, and pursue spiritual health together.
Christ-centered community and relationships are essential parts of spiritual maturity and ministry at Fellowship. Residents will be placed into a small group of peers where they can belong, grow, and serve.
The growth of your personal relationship with Jesus is important to us! Each resident is expected to pursue an intimate relationship with the Lord through personal time with God.

How It Works

The Residency is a program of participation and immersion in ministry and personal spiritual development within the Fellowship staff. Each resident lives in Fellowship housing rent/utility free and also receives a stipend for health insurance, cell phone and other expenses. Fellowship expects residents to allot 25 hours weekly for Fellowship ministry, which includes personal development (classes, mentoring, community group, etc.). This leaves time for each resident to work a part time job to provide funds for personal expenses such as gas, groceries, and car insurance. The Residency neither costs, nor pays its participants. It should be a debt-free year that adds value to Fellowship’s ministry and the resident’s personal life.

Elisabeth Evans

In the Residency, I have learned of the provision of God. I prayed a lot before moving to Arkansas and what I received in the move was not what I prayed for. God answered above and beyond what I could have ever imagined with this experience.

If you’re thinking about applying for the Residency, apply and pray deeply about what your next steps in life will be. My plan was to use my degree and make lots of money. However, once I really started praying about the next steps in my life I realized how I was idolizing money and success instead of prioritizing God. You do not have to have everything figured out before the residency because it is a great place for support, guidance, a place to deeply heal, and a place to deepen your relationship with the Lord.

Graham Peterson

In the Residency, I have learned to embrace experiences in life as opportunities to learn more about God and myself. I have also learned that God cares for me so much more than what I can do for Him and that my relationship with Jesus is more about letting go of my resolve, my self-reliance, my determination and accepting God’s control, sovereignty, love and faithful care in my life.

If you’re thinking about doing the Residency, go for it. Apply. Don’t worry about "the next." Consider taking a year to allow God to form who you are so that He can equip you for what He wants to do through you. I’m so thankful for this incredible opportunity.

Apply Now

Please fill out the online application. You will then be contacted for an initial phone interview, followed by an in-person interview. Additional forms such as background screening will be sent to you as we move through the process. For more information, contact Kerrie Archer.

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